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Monitor Calibration Procedure using the TMC-1

I have been asked several times how to calibrate the speakers using the TMC-1, you can find the answer buried in the reference manual or read this quick post.

There are two ways of calibrating the inputs and speaker outputs

1) Using the TMC-1

  • [Select]+[Page] to enter the select page

  • [Select]+[Setup] to enter Advanced setup

  • Adv Menu-2 Calibration Lock - select - Unlock All

  • [Page] to exit Setup

  • With [Sum] off, hold a input select key depressed you can trim an input -10/+20dB

  • [Ctrl] to select speaker solo

  • Hold a speaker key depressed and you can trim the speaker gain +/-4dB

2) Using the TMC-1v6 program

  • Select the 'Cal" page

  • Enter the password "1984" 

  • You can the adjust the trim values and save/load them from disk.

Hopefully this will help, but please Email or Call if you have any questions

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