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New TMC-2 Monitor Remote Control - shipping Now!

The TMC-1 has been available for three years now, following suggestions from some users we have added the TMC-2. The TMC-2 has 13 more keys than the TMC-1 but it is only 20mm wider.

As can be seen in the photo above we have added the following new keys

  • Six input select keys in a column on the left

  • A Master [Link] key or the right, used to Link the main output to all or selected cue outputs

  • Three [Scene] keys on the right, These can be used to preset multiple settings but are initially programmed to select between the three speaker sets.

  • A dedicated T/B switch on the Right, you can define the Talkback function in the setup menu

  • Two extra User keys below the TFT screen, in the picture above they have not been assigned.

When working is a dark studio I noticed that it could be difficult to find the keys, on the TMC-2 the key LED’s are always slightly illuminated making easy to locate the keys.

We are shipping the first two TMC-2’s this week, one as a TMC-2-Penta and one as part of a I-Mon System!

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