The man behind CB Electronics is the charismatic Colin Broad. Many of you may well be asking Colin who? Whereas, for some of you, Colin will be well known. Many in the film and broadcast community have relied on Colin Broad's expertise to solve a range of problems over the years especially in the area of machine and system control.

In 1994 Colin Broad (CB Electronics) received an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award in the category of Sound for the design and development of EDL (Edit Decision Lister) which creates encoded timecode track and database during the initial transfer of the production sound "dailies".

In 1994 Colin Broad was awarded the BKSTS Phil Berkley award for his work in video post production.

In 1996 Colin Broad (CB Electronics) received the Satis-Fecit for the SR-4.

In 2010 Colin Broad was made a Fellow of The Association of Motion Picture Sound (amps).

In 2016 Colin Broad was awarded the Association of Motion Picture Sound Exceptional Contribution Award.