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Setting IP Address on the TMC-1

There are three ways of setting the IP Address on the TMC-1 as follows


I have implemented DHCP on the TMC-1 as a one shot as I believe that in a studio setup it is better to use fixed ip addresses. When you enable DHCP on the TMC-1 the first number only will change to 00 to indicate that DHCP is active. If a new IP Address is allocated by the DHCP sever the display will update almost immediately, if there is no DHCP server present the IP address will revert to the original IP Address after about 5 seconds.

Recently a customer asked why they could only see the first number flicker when using DHCP to set the IP address of the TMC-1. This occurs when the DHCP Server is happy with the IP Address requested by the TMC-1. On the video below I have deliberately set the TMC-1 to a invalid IP address.

Select from Discovery page

The TMC-1 is a remote to a monitor device, when you select the monitor device the TMC-1 will change it’s Sub net address to be the same as the Host Device. In Normal operation the discovery process occurs every time the TMC-1 is powered in case the IP address of the Host device changes.

Note in this mode the last number of the IP address does not change.

On later versions of the software you can disable this function using the “No Discov” key

Manual Setting

You can set the IP address of both the TMC-1 from TMC-1v6 or MidiUpdv4 software, on TMC-1v7 you will also be able to set the Host IP address The image below is from MidiUpdv5.


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