What People Say About Us

“Thus far, the TMC-1 XMon has been awesome! It worked first time out of the box, and took very little time to get to grips with.

Joe and I haven’t had the time to sit down and properly go through and customise it to our requirements. But the default is very functional and hasn’t left us wanting...

I think I speak for both us that we are very happy with it! Thanks for taking the time to touch base with us”.

All the best, Jason

— Jason Elliott (British Grove Studios)
My Setup:

It’s a small/medium size facility focused primarily on feature length and documentary films, but also deals with standalone music projects. It’s as much for post work as it is for tracking so I needed a lot of flexibility. I had a Dangerous ST/SR setup and though it sounded great, there were some limitations. I looked at just about everything on the market and the TMC-1 always ended up at the top of the list. Once I realized that Wes was a U.S. distributor it was a pretty easy choice. And starting with the XMon config made the price point very reasonable. I deal primarily with stereo or 5.1 but the XMon can handle up to 7.1.

I’ve been very pleased with the TMC-1 and can certainly recommend it. It does all that I need and more. It’s as much or more configurable than just about anything else available and still at a reasonable cost.
— Jon Yerby
I used the TMC-1 Penta to control AVID MTRXs in my audio rooms. It is really a great device once set up. Colin is very helpful and hands on,

I am very happy with my purchase. I highly recommend the setup I’m using. I actually downsized from a 24 fader D-Command to the AVID S3, Dock, and MTRX with Colin’s TMC-1. I only work in stereo at the moment but I have all the infrastructure available to go as many channels wide as I would need.
— Tom Lewis - Senior Audio Engineer PGA TOUR Entertainment
I just wanted to write you.

We’ve been very impressed with the sound quality of the A-Mon, we find it far superior to the X-Mon’s we have in our other studios. The noise floor is excellent for post production work and we find out mixes have even more clarity as a result. Additional features such as the surround channel order and 7.1 muting capability make it an excellent replacement for the X-Mon.

I hope that doesn’t sound too much like advertising, but it’s the truth.
— Toby Craig (Oxygen Sound Studios-Berlin)
“The TMC-1 for S6 gave a second life to our X-Mons by giving us instant access to their functionalities and a clear and permanent display of their state.”
— Charles Bussienne Polyson Post Production
“The TMC-1 puts the power on a large console monitor section in your left hand and Colin is always perfecting and updating his products!”
— Owen Curtis - Audio Builders Workshop
”CB Electronics have been very clever in producing one monitor controller that can control any of the following units. Avid X-Mon Monitor Controller, CB Electronics A-Mon Monitor Controller, Trinnov D-Mon Monitor Controller, NTP-DAD AX32 Monitor Controller, Avid MTRX Monitor Controller. The TMC-1 as a large console monitor system without the large console, which fits very well with the trend away form large consoles that we are seeing in our industry.”
— Mike Thornton - Pro Tools Expert
“The man behind CB electronics is the charismatic Colin Broad. Colin who? For years, the film and broadcast community have relied on Colin Broad’s expertise to solve a range of problems in the area of machine and system control. In fact, you would have to search hard to find a UK film dubbing theatre without at least one of his products, known to all and sundry as ‘Broad Boxes’. They are also a common sight in dubbing theatres across the world. Because big film dubbing theatre requirements are so complex most of the previous products have tended to involve a degree of customisation to suit individual requirements”.
— Rob James