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Film Archive - TC-5, BS-1 Biphase Generator - Lock to Wordclock

It may be news that we still make the BS-1 bi-phase generator, however there is a small archive market that we still supply.

Archiving often requires the transfer of many small segments of audio, it is inefficient to transfer these individually. Multiple segments can be spliced together using an editing table. The TC-5 can be connected to the bi-phase output of the editing table and be used to mark the timecode or feet and frames position of each join.

The BS-1 controls the film machine to transfer the film accurately to audio files with timecode. It is important that the film speed is locked to the audio wordclock or the join locations will not be accurate. In the past video syncs were used to lock wordclock, timecode, and film speed to video syncs.

Many audio transfer setups do not have a video sync reference, only wordclock. We have modified the External reference input on the BS-1 to provide a 24/48Hz reference from 48/96KHz wordclock. This modification is available as an upgrade on existing BS-1's or MC-1's.