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TMT Cologne - TMC-1 Analog/Digital Monitoring

The TMC-1 controller for the XMon is now shipping. We will have a S6 version early next year.

Whilst at the Tonmeister Tagung we agreed with Digital Audio Denmark to produce a version of the TMC-1 which provided multi-channel digital monitoring using their Digital interfaces. One advantage of the digital version is that the number of channels is only limited by the DAW so that formats like 7.1+4, 10.2,, 22.1 or larger are all possible.

I still believe that the PD-1 provides the best stem monitoring control by keeping the stems within the DAW (Currently only on Protools or Pyramix but open to others).  One of the major advantages of this approach is that the track and stem names are read from the DAW and do not need to be entered again on the mixer.  We will include this function in the digital monitoring solution so that track and stem names are copied from the DAW to the DAD network.

The PD-1 is currently limited to 8 stems each with only 8 tracks. The next s/w update will increase this to 16 stems each with 16 tracks over two pages. Let me know if you need more!