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Protools Loops, LTC Dropout and Master Error (RM-6/SR)

This week I have added yet another menu to the software as follows!

Menu 022- Rdr Dropout/Master Code Jump
0= Ignore 1=10frm Dropout 2=Re-Lock

The default selection in the original software is equivalent to 1=10frm Dropout.

Protools Loops
When you loop on Protools as a master the slave machines did not follow as the standard setting will roll over timecode jumps, Select 2=Re-Lock for the slaves to follow.

LTC Dropout
For Live performance I have been asked to make the system Jam to the LTC and then ignore dropouts. Select 0=Ignore for this. Once the system has seen timecode the generator will run as master until either
1) The Reader receives Stationary timecode
2) The unit receives a stop command.

Master Error
The software now displays a master error (the difference between the generator and the master timecode) in the same way as the slaves. The master error is only displayed when not zero. If not zero and changing then the the master and controller are not locked to the same reference.