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Digitizing Audio from Film using Wordclock as a reference

When transferring audio it is important for the audio to run at the correct speed, positional lock with the moving image a separate procedure often using a punch frame or clapper at the beginning of the reel . If the speed is not correct the sound and image will drift apart, the longer the reel the further they can drift.

We were asked to devise  system to make a simple locked transfer from film to Digital Audio, the customer also wanted to control the film from the DAW. We recommended  our BS-1 Bi phase generator with Sony 9 pin control input. To simplify the system added  a wordclock reference input to the BS-1 removing the need to a video sync generator.

If the workstation does not have a Sony 9 pin output but has Midi Machine Control then our P2MMC-usb can be used to control the BS-1.