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Mediason Milan

On Thursday I visited Paulo at Mediason with Marco from Audio International to check his new system and make some training. This system is used to make multiple video copies in HD and SD. We used a -2 frame (23:59:59:23) offset on the SD machine to allow for the HD->SD conversion delay.

Audio International will be dissolved at the end of this month
A pleasant farewell Dinner on Wednesday night with Roberto Bepato, our Italien agent for 25 years, we wish everyone at Audio international the best for the future.

System: RM-6 Hub, XSR-424 2 port Remote, CBServer

Software Updates:

Thomson OpenCube added to machine list

I have some ideas for this application and plan to enable Assemble Edit when record enable is selected (dependant on Menu setting). I also plan to add record enable macro keys for each machine .