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Arri Munich

I spent three days last weekend with Daniel and his crew converting their systems to HD (Tri-Level Video Syncs), updating the software to include the latest ProTools Sync Algorithms and testing two systems.

Theatre A
Originally installed in a Harrison series 10 and now in a Harrison series 12 this system is a MR system with a 4 port CB series 12 Remote/hub in a 4 wide fader panel with a separate 4 line display and one MR-3. A single MRP16 GPIO is used to integrate some desk monitor and automation features into the keyboard.

4 port Remote/Hub: Could update processor card to include play only timecode output
MR-3 Expansion: Could update processor card to include EEPROM user settings
Could update processor card to include EEPROM user settings

Studio 1
Large two operator Harrison series 12 console with the only two remote system that I have installed. When originally installed the remotes were independent, now that a single multi- track dubber is used I modified the system so that the two remotes are linked. The two remotes include a 4 line display and extra keyboard for monitor and talkback.

!2K Remote Panels: Two Serial Ports, 4 line display, Extra keyboard
RM-6 Hub: MR software
MR-3 Expansion:
MRP-16 GPIO: 2 off used for Monitor and Automation and talkback selection/indication