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OSX Sierra - Drivers and Programs

I am currently receiving a lot of emails from customers about problems with OSX Sierra, I have upgraded my test Mac from El Capitan to Sierra, the original MacLow2p3 driver remained in place and working, I ran the TMC-1 and TMC-1-Penta2 programs without problems. I also ran the Latency test program, here is a screen shot.

As you can see latency is between 1 and 3.5 mSec using this very crude program with a maximum recorded of 7.175 probably when I prepared to make the screen shot!

Note: The driver has moved and is now called AppleUSBFTDI.kext and is located in /System/Library/Extensions
With Sierra Mac have added  System Integrity Protection (rootless), to rename or delete drivers, this needs to be disabled - I did not need to do this when I upgraded the operating system! For more details read the following articles


I am not sure why others are having problems that I have not, it could be that some directory names/drivers have changed  and they are present on my upgraded Mac but not on a clean install. Pleae let me know your experiences and I will try to work out what the problem is. When I have some time I will try to make a clean install on my test Mac, but first I have to check that there are no important files that I may lose if I wipe the drive!

Thanks to Jonathan Martins I have added a new pdf file to the USB-422 web page "MacSierra.pdf" with step by step instructions on how to disable the Mac Driver on MacOS Sierra.