Goldcrest Installs 2x TFT-422 Remote


Goldcrest choose to upgrade their existing RM-6's for the new Atmos studios by adding;

  • 2x TFT Remotes for the DFC Console

  • RM-6 Printmaster Software Update

  • 2x USB422's

  • 2x RomUpd Kit

  • GD-1 Giant Timecode/Footage Display

The TFT422 remote for the RM-6 with TFT Display and User defined LCD Keys

TFT 422 Remote

The USB422 is the Avid approved RS422 machine control interface for Protools 

Two RM-6's are used at Goldcrest to build a system with five RS422 Inputs and five RS422 outputs;

  • Four inputs connected to the DFC to provide track arming for up to 192 tracks (48 per port)

  • One input connected to the TFT422 remote and CBServer3

Printmaster option on RM-6 software

When working with stems the printmaster stem must be updated when any stem is updated. The printmaster option will automatically record the printmaster stems whenever any other stem is recorded.


Even More

At the same time Goldcrest used a S-6 mounting hardware kit to upgrade their existing PD-1  in studio 2.