Boulevard des Productions, Strasbourg installs TMC-1 A-Mon, 7.1 Monitor Controller.


Boulevard des Productions exploits the advance Talkback and Listenback features of the TMC-1 A-Mon.

Owner of the studio George Pratts 

"The TMC-1 A-Mon is a very, powerful studio monitoring solution"

TMC-1 A-Mon 7.1 Studio Monitor Controller

Initial TMC-1 + A-Mon Configuration

Main Output – Stereo Speakers

Alt Output – Not Used,  configured as 5.1 Meter output

Mini Out – Mono (Multiple VDU screens there was only enough space for one speakers!)

Main input – Not Used

Alt input – Pyramix

Stereo input 1

Stereo Input 2

Stereo Input 3

Stereo Input 4

Cue Output 1 Studio L/S

Cue Output 2 Waiting Room

Cue Output 3 Headphones 1

Cue Output 4 Headphones 2

Cue input 1 Pyramix

Cue Input 2 Pyramix

Cue input 3 Pyramix

T/B 1 Input Engineer 

T/B 2 Input Producer

Listen Input 1 Studio Screen 1

Listen Input 2 Studio Voice Over booth