Full Monty Studios - Belgium

Furnished with a vast array of top of the range facilities and equipment, Full Monty Studios has everything you need to make your musical ambitions come true.

Designed by Mischa Jacobi, who has developed studios for Armin van Buuren, Deniz Koyu, Nicky Romero, Fedde Le Grand, Florian Picas- so and Klingande to name a few, the infrastruc- ture, acoustic and sound designs of Full Monty Studios have been perfectly calculated and constructed using Mischa’s expert knowledge.

Amptec Belgium were tasked with equipping the studios with only the best equipment, which includes CB Electronics alongside other top brands.

IMAGICA Japan Chooses TMC-1 S6 XMon


IMAGICA in Japan chooses TMC-1 S6 XMon, to go with there existing UR422-USB units. Installed by TAC Systems proving it's the best and most professional way to control an Avid XMon.

IMAGICA Corporation is a Japanese post-production company for movies, television programmes and commercials, etc., established in 1935 and headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. It is a subsidiary of Imagica Robot Holdings Inc

Boulevard des Productions, Strasbourg installs TMC-1 A-Mon, 7.1 Monitor Controller.


Boulevard des Productions exploits the advance Talkback and Listenback features of the TMC-1 A-Mon.

Owner of the studio George Pratts 

"The TMC-1 A-Mon is a very, powerful studio monitoring solution"

TMC-1 A-Mon 7.1 Studio Monitor Controller

Initial TMC-1 + A-Mon Configuration

Main Output – Stereo Speakers

Alt Output – Not Used,  configured as 5.1 Meter output

Mini Out – Mono (Multiple VDU screens there was only enough space for one speakers!)

Main input – Not Used

Alt input – Pyramix

Stereo input 1

Stereo Input 2

Stereo Input 3

Stereo Input 4

Cue Output 1 Studio L/S

Cue Output 2 Waiting Room

Cue Output 3 Headphones 1

Cue Output 4 Headphones 2

Cue input 1 Pyramix

Cue Input 2 Pyramix

Cue input 3 Pyramix

T/B 1 Input Engineer 

T/B 2 Input Producer

Listen Input 1 Studio Screen 1

Listen Input 2 Studio Voice Over booth

The First installation of the new XPand at Creative Sounds BV by MSV

Creative Sounds BV already were using the TMC-1 XMon, so when they decided to go Dolby ATMOS, adding the XPand to the to the system was the obvious choice. Making them the first and still the only Dolby ATMOS facility in Holland.   

Jelta from MSV (Maarten's Sound & Vision) "Installing the XPand was plug & play"

 Creative Sounds BV  "Thank you Colin! We love the design and above all, the functionality"

Screenshot 2018-09-23 at 20.02.20.png

Halo Post Production installs TMC-1 S6 Penta

Jigsaw24 Installs TMC-1 S6 Penta in Halo Post Production Avid S6 dubbing suite


Studio 5 is for both TV mix work and DCP 5.1 and 7.1 theatrical projects. It will also be used as a pre-mix room for Halo’s Dolby licensed studios 1 and 3.

The suite is pre-wired for Dolby Atmos and has a 24-fader Avid Pro Tools | S6 M40 control surface, a Pro Tools | HDX2, a DAD AX32, a CB Electronics TMC-1 S6 and a custom Dynaudio 7.1 speaker system installed.

Head of Audio Operations Richard Addis said: “We’ve taken great care to make the room as versatile as possible without compromising quality in any area.”

Goldcrest Installs 2x TFT-422 Remote


Goldcrest choose to upgrade their existing RM-6's for the new Atmos studios by adding;

  • 2x TFT Remotes for the DFC Console

  • RM-6 Printmaster Software Update

  • 2x USB422's

  • 2x RomUpd Kit

  • GD-1 Giant Timecode/Footage Display

The TFT422 remote for the RM-6 with TFT Display and User defined LCD Keys

TFT 422 Remote

The USB422 is the Avid approved RS422 machine control interface for Protools 

Two RM-6's are used at Goldcrest to build a system with five RS422 Inputs and five RS422 outputs;

  • Four inputs connected to the DFC to provide track arming for up to 192 tracks (48 per port)

  • One input connected to the TFT422 remote and CBServer3

Printmaster option on RM-6 software

When working with stems the printmaster stem must be updated when any stem is updated. The printmaster option will automatically record the printmaster stems whenever any other stem is recorded.


Even More

At the same time Goldcrest used a S-6 mounting hardware kit to upgrade their existing PD-1  in studio 2.