TMC-1-Penta - Monitor Controller for NTP Penta 720, DAD AX32, and Avid MTRX


Design Considerations

The TMC-1 is available for five different systems, the Avid XMon, DAD AX32 now, Trinnov DMon, the CB A-Mon and the CB I-Mon. 

We had four main objectives when we started to designing the TMC-1 remote 
1) Make the best possible monitor control interface 
2) Provide a unified user interface for all systems, large and small. 
3) Include Talkback, Listen back, and cue sends 
4) Include automation features for ADR and ISDN 

The NTP Penta 720 or DAD AX32 ise one of the most flexible digital audio interfaces available, with the TMC-1 interface and software you can control any system from 1 to 64 speakers. 

The TMC-1 is not a remote to the NTP Dadman software but provides a framework for you to define your own monitoring solution.

TMC-1 Configuration Software


Special features of this controller include

  • ADR-style control of Talkback, Listen-back, Studio L/S and Control Room L/S from play and record GP Inputs or LTC and MTC inputs. 

  • Stem style monitoring with up to 6 stems each of which can be up to 12 channels wide.

  • Monitoring of all cue sends

  • Studio playback of any input 

Download the data sheet for more information

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Destination UK / EU / World
Manuals & Data Sheets

Manuals & Data Sheets

  • TMC-1-Penta Information Sheet (296KB)

    Two page information sheet on the TMC-1-Penta 7/April/2015

  • TMC-1-Penta User Guide.pdf (676KB)
    Current User guide. Use with the TMC-1 Reference listed below with description of TMC-1 Penta2 Monitor configuration tool and a case study of a 16 speaker 7.1.4 system using a Dolby RMU (Pinewood studio 6).

  • TMC-1 Reference.pdf (676KB)

    TMC-1 Reference Release 4.0




  • tmc1-penta-18619.bin
    June 2018 - scene switching with input group selection from pallet added - see Colin's blog 
    March 2018 - Updated for use with TMC-1v5 software 
    Aug 2017 - OSC remote Control Added


Windows and Mac Software

    Updated to include Scene and input selection- see Colin's blog

    Updated to allow 32 items in the palette, use with TMC-1-Penta software after 21st July 2017

    Mac Presentation file TMC-1-Penta

    NTP-Penta/DAD AX32 emulator - for test use only