TMC-1 Monitor Controller

One Monitor Controller Remote, 8 Systems, the large console monitor system without the need for a large console

In an industry that is moving towards working and mixing 'in the box', there are still situations where hands-on control is best; the TMC-1 offers unprecedented features and control that belie its small size;

We had five main objectives when we started to design the TMC-1 remote

  1. Make the best possible monitor control interface, suitable for Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1, Immersive/Atmos.

  2. Provide a unified user interface for all systems, large and small.

  3. Include Talkback, Listen back, and cue sends.

  4. Include automation features for ADR and ISDN / Source Connect.

  5. Simple, flexible setup.

We believe we have achieved the best connection for each of the devices we control, ranging from the XMon to the DAD AX32 / MTRX.

Using our simple Mac/Windows setup software you can program the keys to suit your workflow from the 96 functions available (List of functions in TMC-1 Reference Manual), with the ability to save and load your settings at any time.

You are never locked into a fixed solution as the TMC-1 hardware stays the same, for example, you can upgrade your system from XMon to Avid MTRX with just the purchase of an upgrade key and a firmware install via USB.

Our customers range from film, TV, Music and video games, to users with D-Commands, S3, S6, and no console at all, TMC-1 is doing it all!

Application examples

  • Upgrading to S6 from ICON but need a proper remote control for your XMON with full feature set?

  • Prefer all-in-one I/O solution from DAD/MTRX with integrated monitoring and want to have a professional, programmable hardware controller?

  • Getting a Trinnov D-Mon with integrated room calibration but want to use it with dedicated hardware?

  • Need a 7.1 analogue monitor controller upgradable to ATMOS, with advanced Talkback & Listen back features. (CB A-Mon) 

  • Need a 8 channel expandable to ATMOS monitor controller with DSP (Ashly ne8800)

  • We have a perfect solution for you; the TMC-series hardware remote. It comes in several flavours depending if you need one for Avid XMON, DAD AX32 / MTRX, Trinnov D-Mon, CB A-Mon. or Ashly ne8800 but the user interface is always the same.

  • You can also choose if you prefer a desktop unit or a sink-in S6-module.

  • The TMC-1 is a delightful box, solving age-old monitoring issues professionally. Programmable function keys, clever shortcuts and built-in LCD screen with metering makes the TMC-1 fit perfectly in your own style of working.

  • Matching precisely the size of a native S6 module, it fits in perfectly and acts seamlessly as a natural part of the console. 

  • TMC-1 series will be a huge time saver in any studio looking for a truly professional and versatile monitoring solution.

The TMC-1 is available for both analog and digital systems; 

First: Choose Your Controller

Second: Choose Your Device



Software & Documentation


IMPORTANT: You will need MIDIUPD to update your firmware, please see below; to download please click on text.

TMC-1-win/mac Setup Program

Program User keys, name I/O, Save/Recall setups, Configure up to four different Scenes; to download please click on text.

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