Upgrading to S6 from ICON but need a proper remote control for your XMON with full feature set?

Prefer all-in-one I/O solution from DAD/MTRX with integrated monitoring and want to have a professional, programmable hardware controller?

Getting a Trinnov D-Mon with integrated room calibration but want to use it with dedicated hardware?

Need a 7.1 analogue monitor controller upgradeble to ATMOS, with advanced Talkback & Listenback features. (CB A-Mon) 

Need a 8 channel expandable to ATMOS monitor controller with DSP (Ashly ne8800)

We have a perfect solution for you; the TMC-series hardware remote. It comes in several flavors depending if you need one for Avid XMON, DAD AX32 / MTRX, Trinnov D-Mon, CB A-Mon. or Ashly ne8800 but the user interface is always the same.

You can also choose if you prefer a desktop unit or a sink-in S6-module.

The TMC-1 is a delightful box, solving age-old monitoring issues professionally. Programmable function keys, clever shortcuts and built-in LCD screen with metering makes the TMC-1 fit perfectly in your own style of working.

Matching precisely the size of a native S6 module, it fits in perfectly and acts seamlessly as a natural part of the console. 

TMC-1 series will be a huge time saver in any studio looking for a truly professional and versatile monitoring solution.

 SEC (Switzland)
We have been testing the S6 version in our showroom for few weeks and like it more every day.