TMC-1 XMon Support

TMC-1-XMon Firmware

tmc1-xmon-17405.bin April 2017 - Updated for use with TMC-1v4, Auto Resume Listen back and TFT Monitor added

14 March 2017 - Updated for use with current TMC-1v3 software

Windows and Mac Software
Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 22nd March 2017 Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 3rd March 2017

Use Midiupd (Mac or Windows) to update the TMC-1 firmware via USB Port


 Manuals and Data Sheets


TMC-1 Information Sheet (296KB) Two page information sheet on the TMC-1
Informations TMC-1

TMC-1 XMon Guide.pdf (676KB)

TMC-1 XMon Guide
XMon specific for use with TMC-1 user guide

TMC-1 XMon Guide

TMC-1Reference.pdf (2096KB)

TMC-1 Reference Guide
Release 3.0

Manuel TMC-1 de ReferenceV4
 TMC-1 SPL Calibration.pdf (19KB)
Copy from the TMC-1 Reference Guide describing how
to calibrate the TMC-1 speakers

Calibration des niveaux d'écoute
TMC-1 Configuration Guide.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 Configuration Guide
Release 1.0
TMC-1 Guide de configuration
TMC-1 Programming Guide.pdfStep by step programming instructions

Manuel MidiUpd.
Mise à jour pour: TMC-1, A-Mon et XPand
Optimising XMon performance, getting the best signal to noise (Dynamic Range) from your XMon

midiclass.pdf (257KB)

What to do if the TMC-1 driver does not show up in your computer.

XMon Firmware  AVID Software and installer to modify XMon so that the Alt Outputs become Meter outputs
Includes standard Xmon firmware if you want to revert
Includes instalation details
You will need a Midi Interface and special cable to install this software, details of cable included in the zip file.