TMC-1 Penta Support

TMC-1-Penta Firmware

tmc1-penta-17405.bin Avril 2017 - Updated for use with TMC-1v4, Auto Resume Listen back and TFT Monitor added, Advanced Menu 24 added to disable I/O Nameing by the TMC-1


14 March 2017 - Updated for use with current TMC-1v3 software

Windows and Mac Software
Monitor configuration tool(Win/Mac) - define inputs and outputs for use with TMC-1 software 8 inputs, a 16 input pallet 3 outputs with up to 64 speakers talkback/listenback/slate/AFL/4 cue sends/3 cue inputs engineer phones output and cue in/out labels Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 22nd March 2017
Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 3rd March 2017

Use Midiupd (Mac or Windows) to update the TMC-1 firmware via USB Port Mac Presentation file TMC-1-Penta

 NTP-Penta/DAD AX32 emulator - for test use only


Manuals and Data Sheets


TMC-1-Penta Information Sheet (296KB) Two page information sheet on the TMC-1-Penta
Informations TMC-1-Penta
TMC-1-Penta User Guide.pdf (676KB)
Current User guide Use with the TMC-1 Reference below TMC-1-Penta user guide with description of TMC1-Penta2 Monitor configuration tool and a case study of a 16 speaker 7.1.4 system using a Dolby RMU (Pinewood studio 6).
Manuel TMC-1_Penta

TMC-1 Reference.pdf (676KB)

TMC-1 Reference
Release 4.0

Manuel TMC-1 de ReferenceV4

TMC-1 SPL Calibration.pdf (676KB)

Copy from the TMC-1 Reference Guide describing how to calibrate the TMC-1 speakers

Calibration des niveaux d'écoute

TMC-1 Configuration Guide.pdf (676KB)
TMC-1 Configuration Guide

TMC-1 Guide de configuration

TMC-1 Programming Guide.pdf

Step by step programming instructions

Manuel MidiUpd. 
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