TC-6 - Generator/Reader/Converter/Distributor LTC-Midi-USB


  • 7 GPIO, USB, GPO Events

  • Real Time Clock

  • Timecode In/Out (XLR)

  • Midi In/Out/Through (5 pin Din)

  • USB-MIDI Interface , bi-directional, converts to MTC and LTC

  • LTC/MTC generator controlled from front panel or by MMC from USB or MIDI

  • Mac/Windows Event Control/Setup Software

  • Large (0.56”/ 14 mm) Ultra Bright LED Display 

  • Word Clock or SD/HD Video Sync Reference

  • LTC Distribution One Balanced XLR Outputs, Three Transformer Isolated XLR Outputs, Eight Balanced outputs on 25 pin ‘D’

  • MTC Distribution Two MTC Outputs on 5 pin Din, Eight MTC Outputs on 25 pin ‘D’



The TC-6 adds timecode distribution and Status display to the TC-5.

The TC-6 is a professional MTC/LTC interface with LED display, Video Sync, Word Clock input and USB port. The TC-6 is designed to be equally at home in Audio, Video and Lighting Environments, applications include Digital Audio Workstations, Non Linear Video Editors, Mixing Consoles, Show Control and Lighting Control.

As a test tool the TC-6 can also check the frequency of Timecode, MTC, Video and Word Clock. Check the Phase of LTC, MTC or MTC over USB . Compare LTC with MTC or USB MTC.

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2m LTC Breakout cable, 25 pin D to XLR Male: Destination UK / EU / World


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IMPORTANT: You will need MIDIUPD to update your firmware, please see below; to download please click on text.