RM-6 - Rack Mount Synchronizer

RM-6 2.jpg


  • 1 U Rack mounting unit with 6 Serial Ports

  • Optional Front Panel Control including setup and transport control

  • May be used with Sr-4, SR-24, SR-32, SR-424 or Custom keyboards and/or CBServer Software.

  • Simple RS-422 serial connetion to remote keyboard

  • Default serial protocol: Sony P2 protocol.

  • Optional protocols supported include AK ES Bus, Studer TLS400, Studer D820, Timeline LYNX I & II, Ampex, Midi via P2MMC, and Pioneer (DVD) via P2DVD, Biphase via BS-1/2 or MC-1.

  • Plug and play auto-configuration for Sony P2 compliant machines and many other RS422 controlled devices

  • Support for simultaneous multiple record/un-record commands

  • Virtual Machine Mode – Perfect Machine as Tapeless Master

  • Timecode output follows master position and offset

  • Separate Play Timecode Output (Master is in locked forward play) for automation/outboard systems

  • Timecode input for lock machines to remote code source or as timecode reader that may be assigned to any machine.

  • GPI’s: 6 parallel outputs and 6 parallel inputs

  • Biphase Output via BS-1/2 - for projector and sep mag sound.

  • Parallel remote control ‘S29 Remote’ with Commands and Tally’s.

  • Biphase Input Option via FC-1 - slave multiple Video Recorders to a telecine.


The RM-6 Controller/Synchronisers are designed to control and synchronise multiple machines simultaneously. The RM-6 will recognize most Sony protocol machines and automatically configure themselves for the connected machines. Either the SR’s synchroniser or the built-in chase features of modern machines can be used for device synchronisation.



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IMPORTANT: You will need ROMUPD to update your firmware, please see below; to download please click on text.