PD-1net - Film style monitor panel

Main Features

  • All audio switching performed within the DAW

  • Solo both Output Groups and ‘Solo in Place’

  • Track and Stem names, read from the DAW are displayed

  • Automatic Stem/Track assignment from track names

  • Up to 32 Stems, each with up to 16 tracks

  • Connect to one or two Protools, up to 192 tracks

  • Multiple PD-1 panels may be daisy chained for multi-user operation

  • Custom low depth, light action paddle switches

  • Interfaced with Pro Tools version 7.2 onwards, Pyramix version 5.XX.XSP2 (via Sony 9 pin)• .

  • Fingertip record/monitor control of Track, Stem(Sub Group) or all tracks.

  • Ethernet Interface to PDStem-win/mac software

The original PD-1 was a new concept in DAW monitoring based on the film mixing concept of the ”PEC/Direct” panel that allows you to mix with separate Dialog, Music and Effects Stems (sub-mixes). You can monitor any combination whilst preserving the ability to ‘Solo in Place’ any source track. The solo, mute and source/playback switching are implemented within the DAW. The audio is mixed within the workstation to generate the individual monitor feeds (LCRS...). This reduces both cost and complexity by eliminating external connections and hardware.

Solo/Solo In Place

Implementing Solo with Mute allows the output groups to be Solo Safe so that ‘Solo In Place’ may be used within a single DAW without losing Solo on the output groups.

Stem-Track Names

The track names are read directly from the DAW, then split into stem (output group) and channel name. The first four Characters of the channel name is displayed above each channel in the bottom line of the LCD for example the sound effect stem track names could be Fx L, Fx R, Fx C, Fx Sub, Fx Sl and Fx Sr. The Stem names is displayed in the top line of the display, sixteen stems, each with up to eight tracks may be defined within the PD-1. Alternatively logical Stem and Track names may be used (St01..ST32). When Stem names are read from the DAW the track grouping and stems for ‘Global 1’ can be automatically generated.

Controlling Multiple Stems/Tracks

The PD-1 has two layers the stem layer and track layer. The stem layer has a maximum of 32 stems in banks of 8. The track layer expands any stem to up 16 tracks in 2 banks of 8. The Bank key steps though available stems or tracks.

RS422 Connections

Each unit has two RS422 connection, and RS422 output and RS422 input which may also be configured as a output to control a second machine. This protocol is implemented in Protools 7.2 and Pyramix 5.XX.XSP2 onwards. The Ethernet connection is used to connect with PDStem-win/mac software allowing stems to be defined offline. The PD-1’s may be Daisy chained via RS-422 allowing multiple operators to control a single DAW, or using Ethernet two PD-1’s may be linked to one or two DAw’s.

PD-1net Upgrade for Original PD-1

You can upgrade original PD-1’s by changing the chassis, the only tool required is a 2mm Allan key and a little patience. Just two connectors to re-plug for the keyboard and display.

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PD-1net Hardware Upgrade for existing PD-1's - Includes new base with ethernet, PD-1net S/W - Destination UK / EU / World
PD-1net - Destination UK / EU / World
PD1-S6net - Destination UK / EU / World
PD1net Upgrade

The PD-1net is an upgrade for the popular PD-1 DAW monitoring controller. The original PD-1 now the PD-1net provided a new way to implement the 'Pec-Direct' panel concept. The solo, mute and source/playback switching are implemented within the digital audio workstation. By switching within the workstation a large number of interconnections and hardware are eliminated, for instance an outboard 48 track Pec/Direct unit would require 96 inputs!. The audio is then mixed within the workstation to generate the individual monitor feeds (stero, 5.1, 7.1, Atmos...).

The film industry pioneered multi-channel recording, some current mixes can have over 200 separate elements in any section. The combination of multiple multi-channel segments with multi-format delivery requirements has forced film dubbing mixers to develop a flexible way of working which demands an appropriate monitoring system. Two main elements have evolved: firstly the concept of stems, premixed multi-channel elements, typically music, dialogue and effects, secondly the 'PEC-Direct' panel (PEC = Photo Electric Cell). This could also be called a 'tape-direct', “playback-direct” or today 'disk-direct', we prefer the original name 'Pec-Direct'.

The typical monitor section in a film desk is a completely separate mixer with for example 6 stems of 8 tracks requiring 48 'Direct' inputs and 48 'Pec' inputs. The inputs are routed to up to 8 outputs (For example a 7 track mix of L, R, C, Sub/FX, LS, RS, CS ). The dialogue stems may only be mono, the music stems may be two or three track or four track, and up to 7 track effect stems.

The PD-1net builds the function of the desk monitor section into the DAW eliminating completely the hardware and wiring required to implement the monitor section in the console.

An added advantage of connecting directly to the DAW is that the Stem and Track names may be read directly from the DAW, stems may be generated automatically from the track names so that the user does not have to re-enter them.

The following updates have been made to the PD-1net ;

  • [Bank] key that allows access to 16 Stems each of which can be up to 16 tracks wide

  • Stem Linking allowing Object stems with more than 16 tracks

  • The Output port can now access 128 tracks on Protools

  • The Input Port may be used as a Output Port and can access 64 tracks (You will need to

  • purchase another USB-422 for this) allowing up to 192 tracks in total

  • Ethernet has been provided to link multiple PD-1's and connect with the new PD-2 Stem assignment s/w available for Mac or Windows.

For multi operator systems the PD-1net may be used with a second PD-1net, PD-1, PD-3 or PD- 2(When Available).

Size: The PD-1net is designed as a stand alone unit the front panel is 230mm wide x 200mm. The lip around the front panel allows the PD-1net to be mounted in a panel.



To download please click on text.



IMPORTANT: You will need RS422UPD to update your firmware, please see below; to download please click on text. Please read the included manual for details!


  • PD-1net-19404.bin Menu Option to select Solo by Mute or Solo Restored

  • PD1net-18903.bin Initial Release firmware

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