P2MMC-USB - External Control of DAW



  • USB Midi: Plug and Play

  • Six different operational modes

  • Windows GUI Provided for Machine Control and Setup

  • Multiple Midi channels for simultaneous control from GUI and DAW

  • Track arming of DAW from RS422 Controller

  • Track arming of RS422 Machine from DAW or GUI

  • RS422 Port configured as Input (Emulation) or Output(Control)

  • Virtual Machine: Locked to Video Syncs

  • LTC Timecode Input: LTC -> MTC, LTC -> RS422

  • LTC Timecode Output: MTC -> LTC, RS422 -> LTC

  • GPIO: 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs

  • Video Sync Input: Bi-Level (SD) or Tri-Level (HD)


Based on our P2MMC but using USB Midi. the P2MMC-2 may be used in a number of different configurations allowing DAW’s with Midi In/Out to be resolved to Video Syncs and be controlled by or control RS422 devices.

The P2MMC-2 is ideal to connect MIDI systems (Protools LE, Nuendo, Sequoia, Ardour, Logic Pro, Cubase,Cakewalk) with timecode and video locked RS422 devices. The P2MMC-2 may also be used as a USB timecode interface providing GP Outputs against timecode or logging events against timecode. We have also developed an EDL Recorder using the P2MMC-2 to record live edit decisions to increase efficiency in post production.

Set-up Examples

External Control of DAW

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 07.31.59.png

RS422 as Input

Virtual Machine 1:

DAW follows VM

VM controlled by DAW

VM controlled by RS422

DAW Track Arming from RS422

P2 -> MMC:

DAW motion and Track Arming controlled by RS422

LTC -> MTC1:

DAW follows LTC Input,

DAW Track Arming from RS422

Control of Video Machine from DAW

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 08.47.01.png

RS422 as Output

Virtual Machine 2:

DAW follows VM

VM controlled by DAW,

Device follows LTC O/P

RS422 Track Arming from DAW

MMC -> P2

DAW control of RS422 Device


DAW follows LTC

DAW control of RS422 Machine

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