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New PD-2 Software for the PD-1

We have released the first version of the new PD-2 software for existing PD-1 users.

The main advantage of the new software is that you can record on up to 128 tracks on one protools or 2x64 tracks two protools. There are now 16 stems each of which can be up to 16 tracks wide. To access the extra stems/tracks the [Assign] key becomes a [Bank] key. To allow for object stems of greater than 16 tracks I am in the process of adding a link command that will allow multiple stems to be linked. Print Master Stems and Linked stems may be placed on the second bank as they do not need to be accessed as often.

The new Mac/Windows app. allows you to define the stem layout. The first version on this software is suitable for users with a single PD-1 and I am working on an new version that will allow users with two PD-1's to define different stem layouts on each PD-1. Here is a screenshot

After showing this to a PD-1 user they suggested an alternative layout which I worked on below

Whilst the traditional layout worked well with track counts up to 48, I can see that the alternative layout fits on a single screen with no scrolling required. When object stems of greater than 16 tracks are added they spill across multiple stems which are generated automatically.

You can download the first version of the Mac/Win app. now, if you decide to try it out you can install the firmware in your PD-1 and use it for about a week before it will demand that you pay for a License! I will issue a revised version of the app with a firmware upgrade before the end of the year.

For the future I am developing the PD-2. This includes a OLED display and Ethernet connection to allow both of the PD-1 serial ports to be dedicated to machine control and the possibility of 192 tracks or 2x128 tracks. A hardware upgrade should be available for existing PD-1 users.

The PD-3 which combines the PD-2 with a TMC-1 is available now

To Fit the PD-3 in an S-6 Module we had to make a compromise and lose the three keys on the left. The PD-2 will include these keys.

PD-1 and Protools 11.2.1

Bill Ritter from Electric Entertainment reported some problems when using the PD-1 with Protools !!.2.1which were not present on Protools 10 as follows

After going into record and then dropping out of record there is no output when switching to Input!

As I am in LA after the AES I went to investigate. The protools screen indicated that the PD-1 was switching the tracks to input but the only way to hear the input was to switch between playback and input on protools.

After some investigation I found that the following sequence of commands from the PD-1 will solve the problem

1) Switch to record
2) Switch to input monitor
3) Switch out of record
4) Switch back to playback monitor

A unexpected benifit of this command sequence was that some monitor glitching on Protools was reduced.

I will add a option to the PD-1 software for this with a variable delay between steps 3) and 4), when available I will update both the PD-1 web page and this blog.

It has been over two years since the last PD-1 software update, if there are any other requests now would be a good time to make them as it will take some time to get back into thr software and test it.

I did get one request at the AES show - to switch any channel not in Record Safe to Input Monitor when stopped, I can implement this as a option at the same time.