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TMC-1-Dmon: Trinnov D-Mon Remote

I have been working on the TMC-1-DMon software for the past week - it looks like I will be able to release it next week.

The TMC-1-DMon interfaces with the D-Mon via ethernet using the same protocol as the web browser interface. This will allow us to add functionality whenever Trinnov updates their software.

The initial version is an improvement on the TMC-1-Xmon interface providing added functionality and using tallies from the D-Mon allowing changes made on the web browser interface to be reflected on the TMC-1.

For the interface to function correctly the D-Mon mut be setup with the same framework as the TMC-1, the user can assign the input and output ports as required - (not all ports have to be connected). The screen shot below shows the main web browser display with the three cue inputs hidden.

The TMC-1-DMon will be the same price as the TMC-1-Penta and existing users of the TMC-1-XMon can purchase a software upgrade,