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TMC-Penta adds SPQ Card Support for the MTRX/AX32/Penta Part 1


When we designed the TMC-1-Penta the SPQ card did not exist, the SPQ card adds a lot of functionality to the NTP system, we want to incorporate this with the TMC. The SPQ is like any other card within the NTP rack unit and the SPQ channels are defined by the card slot and Channel number which can be assigned to any speaker channel using the TMC insert points.


EQ and Delay setup

DADman uses the SPQ card only in the monitor section, the EQ and delay must be setup within the monitor section by defining the speakers and adjusting the EQ and delay for each individually. Provided the defined monitor section remains enabled within DADman it will remain active even if DADman is not enabled.


EQ and Delay Routing

Once defined each eq/delay section is assigned to a single channel on the SPQ card they can be used by the TMC using the insert section. The current TMC-Penta software allows for up to 16 insert points, the next release will allow for 64 insert points and provide a single key to allow the SPQ i/o to be mapped directly on the insert points.


Disabling the monitoring section in DADMan will also disable the equalisation.

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