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NHK order 8 TFT-422 Remote's and RM-6 synchroniser’s

We designed the TFT-422 remote at the same time as we designed the DFC-422 Remote. The DFC remote is designed to fit in the AMS Neve DFC console. A number of DFC-422 remotes were built for Twickenham Studios , Goldcrest and others. A prototype of the TFT-422 was made and photographed but none were sold at the time. . The advantage of the TFT-422 over the UR-422 or SR-422 are that the 3.5” TFT Display that allows for the status of multiple machines to be displayed and that the 7 LCD macro keys may be reprogrammed without the need to update a paper label.

At the end of last year eight TFT-422 remotes were ordered with RM-6’s by NHK, Apart from the keyboard the software is identical between the units so that further debugging was not required. These have now been supplied, Since then some minor software updates were required by NHK so that they behaved in the same way as their existing UR-422 remotes..

TFT-422 Front.jpg
TFT-422 Display.jpg

TFT-422 34.jpg
TFT-422 Rear.jpg

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