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TMC-1-MMP1 Follow Up at Eclair in Paris

MMP1 Front_1600.jpg

Last week I visited Olivier Chouteau at Eclair in Paris, Olivier installed the first TMC-1-MMP1 system in a 7.1.4 studio. Daniel Gollety who makes the french translation of our manuals accompanied me on the visit - my French is not to good. Although configured as a 7.1.4 room one of the main reasons for using the TMC-1 is the ease in switching between Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and 7.1.4.

Eclair Connections and IP Addresses

As this was the first system installed in a working studio it was not surprising that there were a few bugs, the main problem was that I tested the system on a new Beta software from Yamaha and used some extra commands that did not exist in the version he was using!

Once that problem was solved, we went to lunch (A nice little Italian). Afterwards I spent some time with Olivier going through the TMC-1 and the available commands before returning that evening.

Over the following few days Olivier made a test of the complete system, reported some small bugs and made some requests. I fixed the bugs (some of which were introduced on recent updates) and made suggestions of how to implement his requests.

Oliver then complained that the Solo and mute were swapped, on investigation I discovered that the Solo and Mute on the MMP1 are not separated, The system is set up as a 7.1.4 system - when switched to 7.1 the TMC-1 mutes the four top channels. However if you switch to Solo the four top channels are enabled and all the other channels are mute! To overcome this the TMC-1 now uses mute commands for both Solo and Mute. This problem still exists if you switch between solo and mute on the MMP1 Editor or iPad s/w.

I would like to thank Olivier for his help in improving the TMC-1.