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A-Mon Headphone Monitoring


I received an e-mail this morning from Paula Fairfield (Sound Designer on Game of Thrones) asking about headphone monitoring on her PD-3-AMon bundle. Paula is now now working in VR and headphone monitoring a big deal!

Paula's mail made made me think more deeply about this - with the existing software there are 2 solutions

1) Connect the Headphones to the Mini L/S output - I have customers doing this.

2) Use the Headphone Jack on the TMC-1 which is connected to the Headphone Cue send and "Link" the H/P Cue to the stereo down mix on the Cue Sends page

The main advantage of option 2 is that no extra cables are required, as it uses the existing connections between the TMC-1 and A-Mon complete with a headphone socket on the TMC-1/PD-3/TMC-1-S6.

The main problem with option 2 is that the Dim, Mute keys and Gain control do not control the Headphone Cue Output! You must use the [H/P] user key as a Mute key , and hold the [H/P]  user key depressed to adjust the H/P cue gain - not an optimal solution.

I have now updated the TMC-1-AMon software that simplifies option 2 by automating it within a single


user key that performs the following actions

[Phones] On

  1. Display "Phones" as the speaker set

  2. Set the Headphone Cue input to the Stereo Downmix

  3. Mute the Main, Alt and Mini Speaker sets

  4. Connect the Dim, Mute and Gain controls to the Headphone Cue Output.

[Phones] Off or select a Speaker Set

  1. Display the current speaker set

  2. Restore the Headphone Cue input selection and Headphone cue gain to their previous setting

  3. Enable the selected speaker set

  4. Connect the Dim, Mute and Gain controls to the selected speaker set

This update will be available in the next release of TMC-1-AMon software, if you wish to use it before email me for a beta version of the software.