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TMC-1 and Yamaha MMP1

TMC-1 Yamaha MMP1

This week I have been interfacing the TMC-1 with the Yamaha MMP1. We have been waiting for a MMP1 since it was announced last year, a loan unit finally arrived last week . Before starting we had to buy a I-Pad (we are Android users and our OSC software runs on both), this arrived two days ago since then I have been writing code.

You can run the TMC-1 alone or with the MMP1 editor and/or remote. For testing I am running the TMC-1 with the Yamaha Editor and I-Pad App. The TMC-1 can activate all the controls on the Control View of the MMP1 remote App and some extra functions from the Editor.

Beta test software will be available next week, the functions already included are as follows

  • 7.1 setup

  • Gain

  • Mute, Dim

  • Speaker Mute, Solo

  • Input selection and sum

  • Output selection

  • Input trim

  • Metering

  • Phones On/Off and Gain

  • Cal

  • Speaker trim

  • Talkback Enable and Gain

  • Cue Enable and Gain

  • Downmix

Updated July 10th 2018

I also updated the TMC-1 Meters to display a maximum of 8 or 12 channels which will be available on other versions of the TMC-1 software

I am waiting for meter assignment data definitions from Yamaha to finalize the software

Other News:

The I-Mon Immersive Monitor Controller is now shipping! (Link