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New TMC-1-Penta Software for NTP/DAD and Avid MTRX

In the previous post I explained the new Preset selection functionality on the TMC-1. I have just added an enhanced version for the TMC-1-Penta which includes the ability to  select different groups of inputs from the Input Pallet.

The TMC-1-Penta can select between or sum up to 8 inputs which can be assigned from a pallet of 32 inputs. The new input group selection allows you to specify up to 4 groups of 8 inputs and select between them.

Screenshot of the new Preset Page on the TMC-1-Penta configuration program

The table on the left is used to define the presets and includes an I/P Group column. The buttons below may be used to define some standard presets.

The table on the right is used to assign inputs from the pallet to the input groups.

On the TMC-1 there are 6 new user keys as follows

Pset 1, Pset 2, Pset 3 and Pset 4: Preset selection keys (The Preset name is displayed on the key)

Preset: Increment the preset selection - the current preset is displayed at the top of the TFT Screen.

I/P Group: Increment the Input Group - The Inputs are displayed in the TFT screen

A beta version of this software is available on request