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TMC-1 and Marti Humphrey's immersive audio setup


Daniel brought to my attention the YouTube video of Marti Humphrey's excellent presentation of his innovative immersive audio setup.

Not everyone will be able to install the same number of speakers as Marti has in his studio but many may need to  monitor in different formats for example 7.1 film, 5.1 TV, Stereo TV. In this case the ability to switch simply from one format to another is very important.

It is already possible to switch between two setups on the TMC-1 using the A/B switch but it is all to easy to forget a setting. What is required is a simple way to switch between presets that which for confidence also displays the Preset name.

The beta-test TMC-1 software now includes four Presets, New User keys

[Pset 1] -[Pset 4]

are used to select the presets. On Factory Reset presets 1,2 and 3 are configured as 7.1 Film, 5.1 TV, and Stereo DownMix.

The Presets may be configured using the TMC-1v6 Preset page as shown below. The Presets are used to set a number of variables simultaneously  as follows


Displayed at the Top of the TMC-1 TFT screen with the A/B selection.


Select Input or No Change


Used to select between Film  or TV Surround levels


Enable/Disable Bass Extension


Enable 10dB extra gain on LFE channel


Select Monitoring format


Select Speaker set or no change

The Suggested Presets may be used to select predefined presets which may then be modified as required

TMC-1v5 Monitor Controller Software

The [


switch functionality has been modified to include the preset name and may be used to switch between presets.

A new user key


 has been added to select the reference level defined by the preset.

I have added user keys to some versions of the TMC-1 for

[2.1], [LCRS], [I-Max], [DTS-X], [Auro]

as well as


. They are not yet fully implemented, I will implement them fully subject to user demand.


: To allow for multiple formats calibration must be carried out correctly. For a multiformat system we recommend that all the speakers are initially calibrated individually to a SPL of 85dB, Then the 7.1 and 5.1 surrounds are adjusted for 85dB. This allows the Sur-3dB switch to be enabled for film7.1 or 5.1.

To allow for future TMC1-Penta updates Auro, IMax and DTS:X formats have been included but not implemented at this time.

Daniel is working on a number of example OSC pages to run on a IOS or Android based on Marti Humphrey's QSC controls.  Here is an example of a simple Preset page, the graphics are different but the functions are the same. You can use these as templates to create your own remote controls to the TMC-1

TMC-1 OSC Monitor Controller