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New Year updates for the TMC-1

One of the advantages of using the same controller with four different systems is that it new functions can be introduced for one system that are then available for all or some of the other systems. The following updates have been made to the TMC-1 software

All versions - Extra Menu

1) Adding advanced menu 17 to limit the maximum gain of the main output, four settings +20, +12, +6 and 0dB. Note not all versions allow +20dB gain.

Engineers Headphone output

TMC-1-Penta and TMC-1-DMon

Engineers Headphone output allows the engineer to monitor inputs, cue inputs and cue outputs without disturbing the main monitor output. A window has been added to display the current headphone source  The following user keys are provided for the D-Mon Headphone feed:

[Ph Source]


  Access the Phones source selection pages, two pages are available with a [More] and [Less] keys to   switch between the pages.

[Ph Follow]: 

  Headphones follow output selection, (hold down and use knob to adjust phones gain)

  This key also allows you to A/B between the current monitor output and the selected source.



  Headphone Enable, hold down and use knob to adjust gain



  Route AFL/PFL to Phones

Slate from Talkback Microphones

TMC-1-Penta and TMC-1-AMon 

[Slate] and [SlateX] user keys for Internal and External Slate allow the talkback mic output to be enabled and the level controlled, the outputs can be used as an extra talkback channel or as a source of take information to the DAW.

Cue Send PFL User Keys

TMC-1Penta, TMC-1-DMon and TMC-1-AMon

Cue Output Pre Fade Listen switches




 on A-Mon, D-Mon and Penta

[Q2 PFL]


[Q3 PFL]

on D-Mon and Penta

Stereo Metering

TMC-1-Penta and TMC-1-AMon

Stereo Meter display option added with 6 meters showing the Main, SLS and H/P cue outputs.

Eight Input Selection and Sum

TMC-1-Penta only

Using a second input selection page the TMC-1- Penta can now select and sum up to 8 inputs. The Main and Aux inputs are displayed on both pages.

Multi-Studio TMC-1-Penta Software

New  TMC-1-Penta resource control software allows multiple TMC-1's to be used with a single DAD/Penta/MTRX unit to be used with up to 4 studios each with their own TMC-1. The original TMC-1-Penta used all of the NTP summing resources for a single studio, the new software allows resources to be assigned to each studio.

Please contact us for beta test versions of the new software