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AES70 - CB Electronics to join the OCA Alliance

One of the prime reasons to visit the Los Angeles AES this year was to investigate ethernet control.

For the past 30 years CB have specialised in machine control using the Sony P2 protocol. For some time we have looked for a way forward using Ethernet but could not find a unified control protocol. There is AES67 but it does not define a method by which audio streams are discovered, connected or controlled. This year the AES published AES-70 specification based on the OCA (Open Control Architecture) protocol. AES-70 can be used to control audio streams and networked audio devices.

As a result of our discussions with the OCA Alliance, we felt is important to participate in defining the standard.  CB have started a project to develop applications using AES 70. Initially we are adding AES 70 to the TMC-1 - to enable control of networked inputs and/or outputs as the first stage in developing a networked monitoring system.

For the past 25 years interfacing old and new technologies has been a part of our business model. We will design  similar solutions to integrate AES 70 devices with existing and new technology.