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New! PD-1 software for Atmos

We will be releasing a new version of the PD-1 software soon that will enable both ports to be used to control DAW's this will allow a single PD-1 to record and monitor up to 128 tracks. Atmos requires 10 channel wide stems for the 9.1 bed, to accommodate this we have changes the [Assign] key to a [Bank] key and changed the way the stems are accessed. The Bank key will allow access up to 16 stems in two banks of 8  each stem can have up to 16 tracks in two banks of 8.

The only drawback is that this will not allow the use of two PD-1's in daisy chain, to accommodate this we are working on new 4 port processor board which will also be available as an upgrade to existing units if there is enough demand.