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I am about to release a new version of the TMC-1 configuration program, now that there are four different versions of the TMC-1 (Avid XMon, NTP Penta, Trinnov D-Mon and CB A-Mon) it has become more difficult to keep the TMC-1-win/mac configuration program in sync with the changing User key setup. Two changes were needed to solve this problem!

1) Save user functions by name, the method of saving the settings, the original TMC-1 program saved the settings as the offset in this list, not a problem if you do not change the list order - but this makes problems when adding functions in appropriate order. Saving by name solves this problem.

2) Read the user functions from the TMC-1, instead of keeping and updating a list of the user key functions in the TMC-1 program - read them from the TMC-1, that way the two programs are always in sync!

Two simple changes, like most solutions obvious once you see them!