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TMC-1-XMon/A-Mon RJ45 Breakout Box

A large number of studios are now flood wired with CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 STP/TP cable. The circuit below is for the optional breakout box to connect the HD-15 on the TMC-1 to a RJ-45

There should be no problem connecting the RS422 control via Ethernet cable, depending on the cable type and cable length it may also be possible to feed the Headphones down the same cable – if not then use a audio cable and connect to the Headphone in socket

Note: The T/B Mic output should be fed via audio cable or possibly a separate STP Cat5e/Cat6cable.

We tested this today in the office and it worked well with RS422 and Headphones in the CAT5 cable and a separate cable for the Talkback mic. I now need to find a much longer RJ45 cable as I only had a 10M cable to test with!