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TMC-1 Making time for Customer requests II

Whilst testing yesterday I discovered that a bug was added when implementing the previous customer requests - always a possibility. There is a trade off on having a product that responds to the needs of the market and a good stable product. I err on the side of making to many updates and in consequence to many bugs. However in my defence once a bug is found I respond as quickly as possible and fix it. Unfortunately often the bug is found after a period of time has passed and I have made a number of other updates to the software - I only ever have one version of the software the current version!- c'est la vie!

I have updated this s/w to provide an easier upgrade path, in earlier versions on the s/w the user keys were saved as numbers, this meant that I could only add user functions at the end of the list and not always group them logically. I have now updated this s/w so that the user keys are saved by there labels so that I can rearrange the user keys - especially useful as I like to keep the unique functions for each version (XMon, Penta, D-Mon and A-Mon) at the end.

Note: when we release new software it is packages with the matching version of the TMC-1-mac/win s/w, always update this otherwise the user key functions will not be correct!