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Making Time for Customer Requests

This week we have been concentrating on finishing and checking the first batch of X-Mon and XPand. Having finished units allows us to check all the ins and outs and fix any final gremlins.

Whilst designing the test jigs I decided to add a new page to the TMC-1-win/TMC-1-mac software to simplify the cue send setup, here is a screen shot of the Cue assign page got A-Mon

The format of the page will change to suit the TMC-1 version, as you can see you can define up to 12 user presets and select between them with a mouse click. We recently added the meters page - primarily for demonstration but if you find it useful...

Assigning User Names to Speaker select keys
Today I was reminded by a customer that I had promised to assigning the user defined labels to the speaker select key.

Input Select Keys Added
He also asked for input select keys which I assumed would also need the labels assigned. This afternoon I added both of these requests to the user keys - the only problem is that the list gets ever longer!

Headphone A/B Switch
I also added a third A/B switch (The others are for the input selection and SLS cue send) The "HP A/B" switch is used to switch between two selections for the Headphone cue send.

I now have to build all four versions of the TMC-1 and build new software update files.  That may take a few days!