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TMC-1 Updates - Talkback Auto-Resume, SPL setting, SPL, Gain and Dolby Level

We recently supplied a TMC-1 to NRK who came back with one great quote and two suggestions for improvement.

"First, let me say I´m liking the TMC-1 more and more ! Great product,and it definitely fills a need in our small/mid-size rooms."
Olav Celius, NRK
The two suggestions for improvement were
1) The auto-talkback did not work in the same way as the Avid ICON
2) The NRK rooms are calibrated at 68 not 85 SPL how to use the CAL-A or CAL-B to display this?

Auto Resume Talkback
To replicate the ICON auto talkback I have added a new user key, "A/R T/B" (Auto-Resume TalkBack), when [A/R T/B] is enabled, if talkback is enabled then entering play will disable talkback and stop will resume talkback.

Room calibration
Both analog and digital monitoring systems are optimised for 0dB gain at the reference level. Whilst it is possible to reduce the gain by 17dB this would decrease the signal to noise ratio by the 17dB - not an ideal solution. I have added a new advanced menu to set the displayed SPL at 0dB gain in 2dB steps from 85 down to 63 SPL.

SPL, Gain and Dolby Level
I added a menu to allow the user to select the main display mode as SPL, Gain or Dolby level. Good for explaining how to calibrate the SPL Level and Great for when the producer requests a setting of Dolby 7 (85dB SPL).