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TMC-1-DMon Progress

On Monday I visited Trinnov in Paris to determine the current status of the TMC-1-XMon interface with the DMon and define new TMC-1-DMon interface.

Within the limitations of the DMon - XMon interface the system worked well but it is important to realise that not all XMon functions are available within the DMon, more will be available in the future.

The DMon has one talkback input only and the have assigned it as the External Talkback input, by default the talkback keys on the TMC-1 are for the Internal Talkback Mic (T/B 1 and/or T/B 2), You will need to change these to T/B 1x and T/B 2x to control and enable the external talkback Mic.

Note that Talkback is not available to the Headphone output.

The DMon has not yet implemented a meter output.

Early next year the DMon version of the TMC-1 will be available, this will connect via Ethernet to the DMon and be able to control any setting available to the DMon s/w. As more functions are added to the DMon the TMC-1-DMon s/w will be updated to match.