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TMC-1 Cue Send Display, AMon and Trinnov


This week I took a break from designing the AMon and looked at the Cue sends on the TMC-1.

Cue Dim

Originally when enabling talkback to a cue output I muted all other inputs. I have now added a menu (13) that allows the user to select between Mute Cues, Dim Cues and No Change. Currently the Dim is fixed at 10dB I will wait for feedback from users on this.

Cue Send Status 

I decided to indicate the cue send status of the meter screen, colour is used to indicate status as follows:-

  • Black: Cue output is enabled with No inputs selected (Cue 1 in image)

  • Green: Cue output is enabled with inputs selected (SLS in image)

  • Red: Cue output is Muted with inputs selected (Cue 2 in image)

  • Blue: Talkback is enabled and routed to this cue send (H/P in image)

Note: There are 5 cue sends on the XMon version


I am currently designing the AMon our new analog Monitor system, the AMon  or "Analogue Monitor Controller" will interface with the TMC-1. The AMon is designed for Stereo, 5.1 room and 7.1 rooms. Similar to the Avid XMon but with a number of improvements. The AMon is a 1U rack mount unit and the modular construction of the AMon will allow different versions for Stereo, 5.1, and 7.1. Here is the initial design specification (Click on image to expand!)

The AMon is designed for smaller Stereo and 5.1/7.1 rooms where the user has D2A converters and does not want to replace them with the DAD AX32.


On Monday I am visiting Trinnov in Paris to discuss the details of interfacing the TMC-1 to the DMon. I will post more information on the TMC-1-DMon later.