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Installing a TMC-1 and PD-1 in the S6 in the Jigsaw24 7.1.4 demo room

Yesterday I was at Jigsaw24's new facility in Golden Square with Andy Brooks and Ian Duncan installing the TMC-1 and PD-1 into their S6 console for "Mix with the Pro's"( 15th of October). This was the first install of a TMC-1 in the S6 and it fitted first time! We fitted the TMC-1 in front of the PD-1, the choice is yours.

We had a few problems, I discovered a keyboard scan issue on the TMC1-S6 which is fixed with a few minor tweaks today in the s/w posted today. We had a silly connection problem at the end which wasted at least an hour but apart from that it was a simple install.

If you are in London on the 15th of October Daniel and I will be showing the TMC-1-Penta, you can find out more about "Mix with the Pro's" here.