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Stress testing the TMC-1-Penta, The New D-Command Interface

Stress Tests
Last week I went to see NTP at Copenhagen in order to stress test the TMC-1-Penta Ethernet connection to prove that the connection between the TMC-1 and DAD AX32 would remain working under high load conditions. I am happy to say the the TMC-1 performed well. Even when I forced a disconnection the  TMC-1 reconnected gracefully and continued working.

The New D-Command Interface
On my return trip the flight was delayed (as usual) I used the time to prepare the software required to connect the TMC-1 as an interface between the  DAD AX32 and the Avid D-Command console or even S6 console. I finished and tested the software this week using a TMC-1-XMon to emulate the D-Command. There are no tallies in the X-Mon protocol but the meters are visible on both and all commands from the D-Command work as expected. A Tx-Rx Invert cable is required to link the 15pin 'D' connectors on the D-Command and the TMC, I will a add the details to the TMC-1-Penta Manual next week after I have installed this system in a 7.1.4 room at Pinewood.