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S6 panel for TMC-1

The TMC-1 has joined the PD-1 by being available in a Avid S6 Module, the PD-1 is in a S6 Fader size module, the TMC-1 in a S6 knob size module.

Connecting the TMC-1 GP inputs to the S6 GP Outputs you can connect the S6 talkback controls to the TMC-1 and enable auto-talkback  alternatively the TMC-1-Penta will emulate a XMon for control from the S6 or D-Command.

TMC-1-Penta-S6 (Click on image to enlarge)
I kept the controls at the bottom of the panel for two reasons

  • To keep them as close as possible to the operator
  • To allow space for the connectors at the rear