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RM-6 - Print Master function and TFT Remote

The RM-6 is an established design and it is unusual to make major upgrades after over 13 years.

The Print Master function was added to the PD-1 after about 1 year, the function is simple, define one or more stems as a Print masters. If any stem enters record the printmaster stems also enters record, the Print master stems go out of record when all other tracks drop out of record. Thus any modification made to a stem is also recorded on the print master stem.

Not all consoles include the print master function in their Pec/Direct panel, to overcome this problem I added the printmaster function to the RM-6. At the same time I had to add a Printmaster macro to CBServer, CBServer3, and the new TFT Remote control for the RM-6. To enable/disable the printmaster setting is very simple.

To Enable:
1) Stop
2) Arm the print master tracks
3) Depress the Print master Macro Key
 the Print master macro key will illuminate and  the armed tracks will turn off.

To Disable
With no tracks armed depress the Print Master key

TFT Remote
We have now supplied 7 TFT panels 5 to upgrade existing RM-6 installations and 2 with a new RM-6 installation. The TFT-Remote is very versatile and can be used with existing remote panels, with CBServer and CBServer3. Multiple remotes can be used with the RM-6. The panel below includes 18 TFT keys, there advantage is that not only can the text displayed be changed with function but the illumination intensity and colour are also prograable.