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TMC-1 User Interface

You may have noticed the change in the description below the title. I have worked on the TMC-1-Penta design since the beginning of the year and I am now happy to release it on our customers. In the process I have updated the User Interface for both versions of the TMC-1 (XMon and Penta) a number of times.

I have to thank Owen Curtin at the Bridge Soundstage for his feedback, Owen was the first person to order a TMC-1-Xmon about 6 months ago. Although I have not always implemented his suggestions they made me look at his problems and come up with my own solutions. Owen also came up with solutions to two of the limitations of the X-Mon - Monitoring the Studio Loudspeakers in the control room and playing back into the Studio from a different source to the Control Room.

I hope that my existing users will find the time and patience to upgrade to the new user interface and will like the changes that I have made.  If there is anything that I have removed that you want back or anything else that you need, let me know and I will try and work out a way.

Unless I have an urgent request or bug fix I hope that this will be the last User Interface upgrade for a while.

The picture below shows the new Meters Page with the Sum source indication, user defined names and Meter layout, you can also see one of the new user key functions [SLS A/B].
Note: I disconnected XMon to stop the Meters.