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TMC-1 Mechanical Switch Noise in Talkback

I received a report that the mechanical switch noise on the TMC-1 when switching was annoying. Initially I assumed that the problem was switch On (easy to fix with a short delay) but the problem was that the noise from the switch release was too loud.

 I have tried to reduce the mechanical coupling on the panel by using a grommet and thin wires. The pictures show how to cut the grommet and glue to the front panel. The grommet Internal Diameter is 10mm and fixing hole is 12mm . We are supplying future units with this modification.

This reduces the noise but does not completely remove it. There are two alternative approaches you can try.

1) Use an external microphone and connect directly to the X-Mon or Digital system. You can then use the switches on the TMC-1.

2) Use external switches to Enable/Disable the internal talkback on the TMC-1. I have just added Int T/B 1 and Int T/B 2 as options to all the User GP inputs on the TMC-1.

Note this is not a problem with the External talkback microphone and switches.

Let me know how you get on, I am always available and welcome ideas to improve products.