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TMC-1-Penta Details

The TMC-1-Penta monitoring is based on a enhanced  TMC-1-Xmon, the changes have involved an increased channel count and removing some limitations of the Digidesign XMon hardware. The block diagram below shows the current design of the system. I expect that this will be modified to respond to users requirements.The main features at present are as follows
  • Up to 64 channels on the main monitor path
  • Alternate Output (8 Channel)
  • Mini Output (8 Channel)
  • Five 10 channel wide alternate inputs/stems
  • Input and output trims
  • Two Listen back Inputs
  • Two Talkback Inputs
  • Two Talkback output feeds
  • Five Cue Outputs
  • Three stereo cue inputs
  • Stereo Downmix Output
  • 8 Channel Downmix - 7.1, 5.1
  • Meter Outputs